Sunday night…

and I have started a blog, sitting at, funnily enough, our kitchen table. On said kitchen table are the following items – a yellow balloon celebrating IKEA’s 25 years in the UK (so guess where we went the other day?!), a spotty Emma Bridgewater mug with the remains of an earlier cup of tea, my diary – open at the week to come, in an attempt to get ahead of it – my phone, because it seems to follow me everywhere, and a book about diggers. In colour.

Every year for the past who knows how many, I have meant to join Nanowrimo. One year I even wrote about 300 words of a novel. But then I got bored.

The thing is I onced trained as a journalist and got so used to the editor chopping my wafflings down to 400 words that I don’t think I can ever right enough to form a novel. So this year I am trying the blog instead. Let’s see if I have enough to say every day hey?

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